My Pilgrimage Through the Valley of Vision


My relationship with the book Valley of Vision is a little sparse. For those not knowing: Valley of Vision is a collection of Puritan prayers and devotions. (For a detailed description check out Joe Thorn’s blog entry)I have a close friend who has been reading it for years as a daily devotion and has always recommended it through the small testimonials that it brings to his daily intimacy and communication with God. So through his recommendation I would casually go onto the banner of trust website and select a few and read, but never consistently or focused on the text or passion given through these puritan prayers.

One Sunday morning however after my reading, I was drawn to go the website again and look up a random text. I found something that so clearly proclaimed and offered the struggle of dominant sin and a need for true holy repentance that I started making it a daily routine.

Having since then purchased a paperback copy, I’ve been consistently blessed, convicted, and teary-eyed to see these prayers of men who have lived 450+ years ago calling me brother, because we share the same struggle and desire for holiness in our lives. They’re just so much more eloquent than I am! Every entry I find at least one statement that hits home in such a way that I need to write it down somewhere.

So why write? Why call this a pilgrimage? As I said before Joe Thorn has a great reading table out for the benefit of enjoying the themes through a 13 week process. However, after following the reading list for a few weeks I decided I am going to hit this book head long.

My pilgrimage through the Valley of Vision will start at Entry No.1 and end at Entry No. 204 then entering into the final week’s of shared prayers that will follow the recommended format of the book. My hope is that I can share one or two of the statements that have affected me to worship the Lord, increase the potency of my shame in sin, and realize the wonderful truths that are represented in these words of humble prayer.

I know that this will be mostly done for my benefit and devotion, and that much of what I write will be from my personal perspective, but if the heart is true and the intentions are pure, there will be benefit for all who read.

Looking forward!


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