Points to draw upon

Day returned to work, having spent Monday and Tuesday at the pastor’s conference. I thought it might do me well for archival purposes to put down some points that I can draw upon in ministry.

Session 1:

Where is our gospel of grace most explicit? Is it easier to be moralistic rather than be grace-centered in my approach to ministry? Is the church more pharisaical than its ever been?

Galilee was predominantly gentile, so therefore it was primarily sinful as well.

Our western world doesn’t care about our moral standards.

We need to recalibrate to a radical gospel of grace.

“And, my last word of all is, again, a word primarily to preachers–indeed it’s a word to everybody in the sense that if ever you are putting the Gospel to another person, you’ve got a very good test whether you are preaching the Gospel in the right way. What’s that? Well, let me put it like this to you: If your presentation of the Gospel does not expose it to the charge of Antinomianism you are probably not putting it correctly. What do I mean by that? Just this: The Gospel, you see, comes as this free gift of God–irrespective of what man does.”  – M. Lloyd Jones

A fresh understanding and articulation of grace while presenting the truth of the gospel is essential. They cannot be divorced from one another.

We are all recipients of God’s grace and it is grace that sustains us and progresses us.

We are not OT prophets, we are heralds of grace.

Session 3:

Two carnal temptations for us today: Offense and Entitlement.

Defense against offense and entitlement: Grace and Truth

We are not OWNERS of God’s grace, we are STEWARDS of God’s grace.

Luke 17:7-10 destroys our sense of entitlement. We are exhausted but called to work for the glory of God.

Am I a disciple or a poser? Christ tells me to love them or resign from the ministry.

Grace and truth decreases the exercising of my rights for His ultimate glory.

Session 4:

“Justification by faith is the essential doctrine.” – Martin Luther

Paul pleased others above himself. Paul pleased God above others.

Jews and Gentiles are saved by the same terms of the Gospel. There is no prerequisite that we might add on to the salvation message, because our personal degree of sinfulness.

“Seem rebellious concerning the centrality of the Gospel.” – Martin Luther

TRUTH: “All men are created in the image of God, and thus, all live in God’s reality.” – O.S. Guinness



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