sigma Sopcyning


The Most High is ace Drihten, the ‘eternal Lord.’ ‘The Almighty drove those demons out.’ (1.108). In our earlier history, Thor and Odin had the power to frighten us-we are pitiful creatures who crawl on the ground, after all- but when all is said and done, we came through the kindness of the gospel to understand that they were mere creatures as well. Thunder is bigger than we are, but a creature still. Our gods lived with us, fellow wretches, on the outskirts of inexhaustible eternity. Only one is able to inhabit eternity, and He is the Almighty. The gospel came and ushered us into fellowship with that personal eternity through the Lord Christ.”

“The Almighty God is sigma Sopcyning, the ‘true King of victories’. ‘No man could enter the tower, open hidden doors, unless the Lord of Victories, He who watches over men, Almighty God Himself, was moved to let him enter, and him alone'(11.3053-3057). Whether the victory is Grendel falling before Beowulf, or Satan crushed beneath the heel of Christ, God is the only One to bestow any victory. The psalmist asked the God of Israel to rise up and scatter His enemies; whenever the Power of His right hand is pleased to do so, those enemies are driven before Him like smoke in a gale. The Church today is a stranger to victories because we refuse to sing anthems to the king of all victories.

  • Angels in the Architecture, Douglas Wilson & Douglas Jones

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